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Who our courses are designed for:
New to playing the piano
If you or your child aspire to play the piano, we will help you build a foundation and guide you every step along the way.
You've had some training
Maybe you've taken some lessons already but didn't reach the level you were hoping for. We'll get you there!
You know how to play but want to improve
Perhaps you can play some full-length pieces and can read sheet music but still aren't where you want to be. We'll get you to that next level!
Your kids are currently learning how to play
If your child is taking lessons already and you want to support them on their journey and contribute to their learning process, we can help you with that as well!
Anton Mikitsky
Pianist, composer, educator
Our remote piano instruction is based on the methodology of Anton Mikitsky, an educator of the highest caliber and prestige, winner of competitions on both Russian and international stages and an alumnus of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Frequent guest performer on the stages of Japan, China, the European Union, and other countries.

Instruction is individualized to the learner's needs, with each private lesson lasting 60 minutes.
What you'll learn
After only 3 months with our program, you'll be able to...
Read sheet music
You will learn musical notation and will be able to read sheet music and play pieces of varying complexity.
Play with both hands
Almost anyone can play a tune with one hand. With two hands, a musical composition takes on a different life, and no one will ever again confuse you for a beginner.
Play your favorite songs
Who hasn't dreamed of impressing their partner or friend with a personal rendition of Rihanna? Or shaking things up a bit at a party with a piano performance of Jay-Z? Different strokes for different folks!
Play songs by ear
Gone are the days when you have to scour YouTube tutorials or nag your pianist friends to show you how to play this or that melody. You'll be able to play your favorite songs just by hearing them.
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Musical notation
Practice playing with both hands

4 lessons
(60 min, 1 time/week)
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Musical notation
Practice playing with both hands

8 lessons
(60 min, 2 times/week)
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from $20
per lesson
Proper seated posture
Proper hand positioning
Practice playing musical pieces of varying levels of complexity by heart
Learn about world music literature
Musical ear training

12 lessons
(60 min, 3 times/week)
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